Today Decem­ber 2, 2011

Reflect­ing again today on the mes­sages from our Lumi­nar­ies I real­ize even more how impor­tant this infor­ma­tion helps us in our jour­ney through life.  To me the focus and chal­lenge is not only to “get it” but also to “keep it”.

As the Lumi­nar­ies artic­u­late their mes­sages, the theme most appar­ent to me is to relax and trust.  This has been the theme Carl and I have fol­lowed in film­ing this movie.  We have been shown over and over again that when we do relax and trust, every­thing turns out bet­ter then we ever expect.

I get it.  I under­stand that when we are fear­ful we can get rigid, angry, resent­ful, con­trol­ling, and manip­u­la­tive.   The phys­i­cal affects of hold­ing fear inside can be equally as pow­er­ful and damaging.

Over the years of pay­ing atten­tion it has become obvi­ous to me that “let­ting go” is the key to our human exis­tence that places us in our power.   Let­ting go allows the space for God to come in and cre­ate the high­est and great­est good for us.

Carl and I did this movie know­ing that we both wanted to “get it” while know­ing it would help oth­ers.  This was the begin­ning of this jour­ney for us and still our focus today.

We all have much to be grate­ful for.



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Another day…

Lately we’ve seen a sig­nif­i­cant pro­gres­sion towards the dis­cov­ery of our true con­nec­tion with Source, espe­cially in West­ern­ized soci­eties. This spir­i­tual awak­en­ing from fear-based think­ing and reli­gions has been giv­ing way to open­ness and one­ness with Source. This is truly a great mir­a­cle of our times.

This is a mir­a­cle for every­one. When we want this strongly enough, a con­scious inten­tion to open emerges. Through our readi­ness, Source responds, pro­vid­ing us with oppor­tu­ni­ties to grow and begin an active process of con­nec­tion with itself. What’s impor­tant is that we keep the inten­tion to open strong within us. As we move towards spir­i­tual awak­en­ing, this growth will bring oppor­tu­ni­ties and choices to either go back­wards and cower down in fear, or push for­ward into open­ness and light. This process brings to our con­scious­ness all of our neg­a­tive attach­ments that need to be released, lead­ing to a process of spir­i­tual heal­ing. Once we work through enough of the attach­ments, com­mu­ni­ca­tion with Source is as easy as pick­ing up the phone.

Just under a year ago I met pro­ducer Carl Rozy­cki and within only a cou­ple of weeks a close part­ner­ship began. We imme­di­ately started this doc­u­men­tary film with the inten­tion of allow­ing Source to pro­vide all that we need when we need it such as the name “Liv­ing in Light”.

Pro­duc­ing movies on live tv box is a first time adven­ture for me, and cre­ates space for me to sit for some­times hours talk­ing directly to acclaimed mas­ters, enlight­ened thinkers, teach­ers, lumi­nar­ies, and other awak­ened indi­vid­u­als; bless­ing me with explo­sions of aware­ness. Just being in the pres­ence of these extra­or­di­nary peo­ple has ele­vated my con­scious­ness to new levels.

Impor­tant to me now, more than ever, is to focus on the thought “Liv­ing in Light”, pro­vid­ing my con­scious­ness the direc­tion that I want for my mind, body, and spirit.

When I con­sciously fall in love with myself, every­one, and every­thing, with no judg­ment my J.O.B. as being human is complete.

I want to thank each and every­one that has helped us with this project. I am still in awe of the past year and the gifts I have received.