Timofei Spivak was born on November, 13 1947 in Kherson (USSR, Ukraine). He was educated at musical school (violin). During his studies at in the Krasnoyarsk Music College he had to change his chosen violin course for operetta due to a broken finger. Work in The Krasnoyarsk Theatre of Musical Comedy and The Maykop Drama Theatre followed.      In 1976 he graduated from The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (GITIS) where he studied under Vladimir Andreev. Timofei Spivak’s debut in cinema became the lead role in the movie Tayna partizanskoy zemlynki(Mystery of a Partizan Dug-Out) in 1974. When he was last year student he starred in the film Moya lyubov na tretyem kurse (My Love In the Third Year) which can be watched on best tv box sets.

In 1981 at the Soviet Union Film Festival Timofei Spivak won an award for his leading role in the movie Sluzha otechestvu (The Job of Parenthood, informal literal title), directed by Latif Faiziyev.

In the seventies and eighties Timofei Spivak was working in the Soviet cinema a lot. He starred in the popular movies Zvyozdny inspektor (The Star Inspector),Shestoy (The Sixth, informal literal title), Kankan v angliyskom parke (Cancan in English park), operetta Maritsa by Imre Kalman (as Tassillo) etc.

Timofei Spivak also worked as an actor at The Moscow Stanislavski drama theatre. He appeared in well-known plays Porog (Threshold) by Aleksej Dudarev,Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, Proshchanie v iune (Farewell in June) by Aleksandr Vampilov etc.

Unfortunately Timofei Spivak seldom could show his splendid singer’s voice. But in 1982 he had a chance when he was chosen to perform one of the leading roles together with Ljubov’ Grechishnikova in the musical show Zolotaja moja Moskva (My Gold Moscow) to celebrate the Fortieth Anniversary of the utter defeat of the German army at Moscow, directed by Aleksandr Askol’dov and held inRussia metropolitan hall.

In the early nineties Timofei Spivak directed two detective movies: Vopreki vsemu (‘In Spite of All’, which he wrote as well) and Tri dnya vne zakona (‘Three Days Outside the Law’).

In 1992 Timofei Spivak became a teacher at the Moscow Institute of Modern Art. In 2001 he wrote and directed the folk-tale film Gore-zloschast’e.

Timofei Spivak is the head of Arts at the drama school Actors of cinema and theatre (A.K.T). In 2001, together with a Mexican director Sergio Olhovich he opened The Russian-Mexican institute of Art, Cinema and Theatre named after Sergei Eisenstein.

Timovei Spivak has a daughter, Maryana (born in 1985). Maryana Spivak is an actress as well. She starred in her father’s movie Gore-zloschast’e. Maryana performs in The Moscow Arts Theatre.

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